+++ late summer news +++

After months of social distancing, wearing masks and behave like hermits, life has now returned. We were already on the road for playing a special concert in a very wonderful setting, with unique hosts and guests. We do busking on the streets without wearing masks and now we're packing up our stuff again: This time we're heading eastwards. See you at "Schwarzes Lohm" in wonderful Brandenburg, Lohm castle and at the and  of August and we're finally back in our beloved Berlin.


If you also want a private concert with us: get in contact!

Dear friends and followers,
our first album 'Hidden Faces' (at that time still under a different name) is now finally running out. We still have exactly 18 CDs that can be ordered through our bandcamp. Once these 18 CDs are sold, the album will no longer be available.
This closes a chapter from the old days and to celebrate this farewell, there are three demos from the pre-production of the album available for download with every order.
There will be no reissues, remasters or anything like that. That finally concludes the chapter. As a reminder of this time, we have uploaded the tracks 'Hear me / Salvation' on our YouTube channel, which are highlighted with film sequences from a fan video originally created by Nomad.
salvation AMP: Hidden Faces
Recorded in 2011 at Sultan Studios Barntrup, released in 2012.
All songs written, arranged, recorded and produced by Ian Leding.
Ian Leding: guitars, bass guitar, vocals, backing vocals
Steve Leafs: drums, drum editing
Farewell 🦇🖤

What do you do when there's no club to play in? When it´s forbidden to meet some people in their living room and play a private gig? When there´s even no chance to hit an open air stage and many live streams have already been done?


***Go out and bring the music on the street!***


And if you like what we do and have forgotten your wallet at home...




During the time of lockdown, when it is no longer even possible to make music on the street, there´s still a place of refuge: The Studio. We played and recorded a number of songs for you live in the rehearsal room and we also started again to work on further streaming concerts. If you follow the LEDING-YouTube Channel you won´t miss any new Studio-Livevideo. Maybe you can also participate in new ideas and developments.


Livestreaming-concerts have been broadcasted via facebook or instagram, but we´re working tirelessly on further transmission options like e.g. twitch.







A lot of still unreleased and also numerous absolute new songs are waiting to be recorded.

New album release: homebound (live)

Homebound - a live stream concert.

Recorded live in my kitchen during lockdown 2020 on April 1st. The concert was broadcasted live via Facebook live stream due to restrictions during the corona virus pandemic.


There are some videos of this very special concert on YouTube.




You can watch the whole livestream on our facebook page.

LEDINGs latest full band lineup album "the invisible man" released on 1st October 2019

It will exclusively be available on CD or digital download via our bandcamp and at our live shows.

first official video: LEDING (solo) "Things keeping us safe"